North Bethlehem Action Committee

Current Issues

TOP PRIORITY: Track Mr. Atiyeh’s efforts to utilize the approval of the “Bethlehem Hospital” at 1838 Center Street.

1838 Center Street (Center and Dewberry):

The Division of Drug & Alcohol Programs has provided a useful overview and definitions. These highlight the differences among inpatient hospitals, including general and acute care hospitals vs. psychiatric hospitals. More information about hospital requirements can be found on the PaDOH website.

Acadia acquired Belmont Behavioral Hospital last year and has referenced it as something similar to what we might expect. You can see more at We’ve looked at some of the past performance at Belmont and find items that concern us.

We have a long-term interest in our neighborhood and its future, not a short-term, profit maximizing perspective that some developers have.

What can you do?

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Mr. Atiyeh conferring with Atty. Blake Marles
at the May 7th ZHB meeting. (photo taken from